History of Brands

KRAŠ - A Tale about Tradition and Quality

The production of an extensive range of chocolate, biscuits, and candies, developed for almost a century, has ensured that Kraš maintains its leading position as Croatian confectionery producer, putting Kraš on a par with the world’s renowned confectioners.

Since the very beginning of industrial confectionery production, particular attention has been given to the supreme quality of the product itself.
In the 1920s, Kraš started producing chocolate bars and assorted chocolates, which to the present day have remained the core part and the major pride of Kraš production.

In these early days, chocolate was made from several varieties of cocoa bean, and the very recipes were a secret closely guarded. Old chocolate masters have developed an entire range of chocolate bars that included, in addition to Kraš milk and hazelnut chocolate, cream-filled chocolate bars in different flavours. Today’s diverse range of Kraš chocolate bars, better known under the brand name Dorina chocolate, perfectly merges the heritage of production with consumer demands.

Kraš assorted chocolates are also a piece of history. The creation of finest assorted chocolates and nougat products, among which Griotte and Bajadera hold a very special place, was closely linked to the very beginning of the chocolate production. Griotte Dessert was originally made of French cognac, cherry and fondant carefully poured into a chocolaty shell. Even today, Griotte contain a juicy Mediterranean sour cherry and is a great favourite of numerous Kraš’s consumers.
In over more than 50 years of nougat production, Bajadera has maintained its original recipe and quality, and has become the flagship brand of Kraš range. Bajadera has established itself as supreme premium product and has become a synonym of Kraš quality across world.

The 1950s also saw the start of the production of one of the oldest products in the children’s assortment – the Životinjsko carstvo/Animal Kingdom chocolate bars. Ever since those times, children have been acquiring their first knowledge of fauna from the homonymous album that they have been filling up with pictures of animals hidden in chocolate wrappers, and even today, with its modern design adapted to the new generation, Životinjsko carstvo arouses the undiminished interest among the children worldwide.

The production of cookies and tea biscuits was also developed in the best traditions of artisan production. From the first biscuit assortments for which 82 biscuit varieties were baked and the best-selling line of butter biscuits named Petit Beurre, an extensive range of cookies and tea biscuits has been developed over the years. Among them Domaćica, today a genuine synonym of a chocolate-coated tea biscuit that has been available on the market for over half a century, holds a very special place. One of the major best-sellers among the recent product launches is a chocolate-chip cookie and tea biscuit range of Krašuljci, Krašotice and Krašopisi, a product line that quickly caught on with consumers.

Speaking of the Kraš heritage, let us also mention Napolitanke wafers, another world-known Kraš brand. This traditional product, thanks to its combination of crispy wafer sheets and various delicious creams, has become synonymous with the entire wafer category.

In a wide offering of Kraš sugar confectionery, the famous KIKI and Bronhi toffees hold a special place. Back in 1935, the well-liked Kiki toffees were advertised with the tagline “No matter where, Kiki is everywhere”, while the slogan for Bronhi stated “Cough, weak or strong, Bronhi heals it all”.
In the 1930s, Kraš started producing the candy named 505 sa crtom, for which the special machinery was purchased, in order to create a candy with a dark line around it. According to the commercial ad of the time, only a product with the line could guarantee the original European quality.

Just as it is the case with other product lines, the candy range has systematically been extended over the years to include novelties, among which special attention must be given to Slatka tajna, a hard candy filled with various fruit flavours.

The traditional brands have been developed in line with global trends in confectionery industry, and today are being created with vitamins and mineral supplements, enriched with natural flavourings and available in sugar-free varieties.

From its successful beginning up until today, Kraš has nourished and developed the tradition of production based on supreme quality of its wide product range. Apart from being leaders in their respective product category in the domestic market, Kraš brands, such as Griotte and Bajadera, Dorina and Životinjsko carstvo chocolate bars, Napolitanke wafers, Domaćica and Petit Beurre biscuits, KIKI and Bronhi toffees, are favourites of many consumers around the world.