For almost a hundred years numerous individuals and the entire generations have helped Kraš to grow into a modern confectionery company.

Kraš’s “sweet” history commenced in 1911 when the factory named UNION from Zagreb began to operate as the first chocolate maker in South-Eastern Europe. From the very beginning, delicious sweet treats produced at this company received the highest recognition of that time – UNION became a purveyor of chocolate to the Imperial and Royal Court of Austria-Hungary.

In 1923, the BIZJAK Company started its production of crisp bread, biscuits and wafers on Savska Street in Zagreb. Owing to the craftiness of its owner, the company soon became well-known for its home-made biscuits on the broad regional market.

By 1950, a merger of UNION, BIZJAK, and other smaller confectioners from Zagreb took place. In that year the company got a new name, JOSIP KRAŠ, after an antifascist fighter and a distinguished leader of the workers’ movement of the time.

From the moment of the merger, the company set off its development as a manufacturer of all three confectionery categories: cocoa products, biscuits and wafers, and sugar confectionery.
The years that were to come were marked by investments in modernisation of production facilities. The new generations of Kraš experts applied new knowledge in confectionery manufacturing, based on the original confectionery recipes, and thanks to them the Kraš range is systematically broadened and the leading position in the region firmly maintained.

In 1992, the socially owned company was converted into a public limited company under the name of Kraš. Ever since that day Kraš has continued to grow as a modern and market-oriented company whose products are available and well recognised in world markets. In our efforts to grow and make progress, we continue to honour and preserve our rich past founded on supreme product quality that generations of Kraš consumers have rewarded with their loyalty.