Dependent Companies

Kraš trgovina d.o.o.


Krašcommerce d.o.o.


Kraš trgovina d.o.o.

Široki Brijeg
Kraš - trgovina d.o.o. Zagreb is a commercial dependent company which deals in Kraš products through its own retail network, the famous bonbonnière Kraš, through franchise outlets, and through discount sale and wholesale on the Croatian market.
It has been a member of Kraš Group since 1991.
The offer of Kraš products and other food and drink products in over thirty points-of-sale all over Croatia, among which there is also the oldest bonbonnière store in No. 15 Ilica Street that operates today under the name: CHOCO BAR, bonbonnière Kraš, all make this company one of the main promoters of the centenary tradition and quality among the consumers.

Zagreb, Ravnice 48

phone: +385 1 2396-041
fax: +385 1 2329-870
Krašcommerce d.o.o. Ljubljana is a commercial dependent company that for 16 years already has been dealing in Kraš products on the Slovenian market. In spite of the strong competition of European and world producers, the continuous investment in the Slovenian market and the trade agreement between Croatia and Slovenia have a positive influence on the sale of Kraš products.
The company has been a member of Kraš Group since 1991.

Krašcommerce d.o.o.

Cesta na Brdo 85,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
phone: +386 1 234-44-77
fax: +386 1 234-44-90
Kraš trgovina d.o.o. Široki Brijeg is a commercial dependent company with headquarters in Široki Brijeg and branch offices in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, which opened in the year 2000. Despite the high import duties and ever growing competition, this company is constantly increasing the sales of Kraš products on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has the highest share in the total sales structure of dependent companies.
The company has been a member of Kraš Group since 1991.

Široki Brijeg, Visoka Glavica bb 88 220 Bosnia and Herzegovina

phone: +387 39 852-064, 705-054
fax: +387 39 703 334

Kraškomerc d.o.o.e.l.


Kraš Commerce d.o.o.

Kraškomerc dooel Skopje is a commercial dependant company through which Kraš sells its products on the Macedonian market. This market, despite the unenviable economic and political environment, shows a constant upward trend and is the third market of the region. The import of confectionery products from Croatia is regulated by an international free trade agreement (CEFTA 2006).
The company has been a member of Kraš group since 1991.

Dame Gruev 3, 1000 Skopje

phone: +389 23 120-282, 120-286
fax: +389 23 120-286
Kraš Commerce d.o.o. Belgrade is the youngest Kraš dependent company founded in July 2001 in Belgrade with the aim of penetrating the Serbian market.
In 2003, Kraš regained possession of 7 retail outlets and 2 sales and distribution centres in Serbia and Montenegro. With the development of bilateral relations and an active market management, Kraš is planning more significant exports and a successful return to this market.
The company has been a member of Kraš Group since 2001.

Palmira Toljatija 5
11070 Novi Beograd

phone: +381 11 228-2732
fax: +381 11 269-4083