Basic info

Basic data
Full company name: Kraš prehrambena industrija d.d.
Abbreviated company name: Kraš d.d.
Headquarters: Ravnice 48, Zagreb
Registered with the Commercial court register in Zagreb, Company Registry Number 080005858
Transaction accounts: Giro account: 2340009-1100010694 Privredna banka, Zagreb
IBAN:HR0523400091100010694 kod PBZ,d.d. Zagreb.

Founding capital: 549.448.400,00 kn of legal capital deposited in full and divided into 1.373.621 regular shares in the name with 400,00 kn in nominal value
MBS: 3269043
OIB: 94989605030

Management Board:
Chairman of the Board - Damir Bulić
Member of the Board - Dinko Klepo
Member of the Board - Alen Varenina

Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Zoran Parać, Ph.D.